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Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier reviews


If you realize every time you go for your shopping and your car run out of space to an extent your family can’t enjoy the space in the most highly priced vehicle you invested in, than your best option is the rooftop cargo boxes. There are different categories and model of these cargo carriers that can make your traveling easier. This article focuses on the tips to getting the best cargo carrier and the review of Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier.

Buying guideline to the best rooftop cargo carrier



You need to purchase a cargo box that will not compromise the security of whatever you are carrying on the box. This means that it should have a lock and the material it is made of should not be one that can be torn easily.Continue reading

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

I’m very sure that you may have seen several rooftop cargo boxes mounted on different types and models of vehicles. Sportrack Vista XL Rooftop Cargo Box is within this group of carrier boxes you see. By using it you will be able to save more of the space in your car. It stands out as a very useful way of securing and protecting your property as you travel in your car. You may wish to know the unique features it possesses that make it high in the list when it comes to best rooftop cargo boxes.


1. Universal mounting hardware

Sportrack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box comes with a universal mounting hardware to help you do the mounting presses within the quickest time possible. This feature is very important as it makes the box be compatible with any model of cars available in the market today. You will not have to worry if this rooftop cargo carrier will be fit for your car, just do your purchase and the mounting process will be quite easy. This will also enable you to unmount it anytime you are not feeling like using it

2. Integrated lock system

For the sake of security of your luggage, the manufactures of this rooftop cargo carrier have designed it with a lock and a pair of keys. The lock system makes it possible for you to access the box from either side of the car With this features intact on your cargo box, no need to worry about the security of your goods. In situations where you live your car parked in the parking lot away from where you may have gone to purchase something or to refuel your stomach, then just be assured that with the keys in your hands not interference can be made to your property.

3. Nice aerodynamic shape

Sportrack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box comes with a more advanced feature to overcome the effect of wind during your travel time. A cargo carrier with an aerodynamic shape will ensure that wind flow is maintained such that the effect of air drug is not felt. This reduces the amount of notice that you may hear when you travel on the highway. It also helps minimize the amount of fuel you spend while using your car.

4. It’s constructed with ABS plastic

When you are purchasing your cargo box, durability and efficiency of use should be among the top priorities to conceder. This company offers you the best product with the ability to endure different weather conditions. ABS material help protect your cargo against any impact that may be caused by either a car knocks on something or when you make an abrupt stop. Neither rain nor ultraviolet rays can affect your stuff if you have this rooftop cargo box

5. The capacity of 18cubic feet

If you are worried about the amount of cargo this carrier can accommodate, then you must be aware that it has an external length of 63 inches, 38 inches wide and 19 inches tall. This makes it be able to accommodate a general capacity of 18 cubic feet or a cargo having a weight of 110 lbs.


  • Compatible with any type of car
  • The aerodynamic reduces noise
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Provide high security for your cargo
  • Can be opened from either and of the car
  • ABS material makes it more durable

Customer review

Sportrack Vista XL Rooftop Cargo Box is a cargo box that has attracted the attention of most people who have been having intentions of buying cargo boxes. This is shown by the 403 customers on Amazon who reviewed this product. These customers gave it an average rating of 44 out of 5 stars. 70% of the customers rated it with 5 stars showing the high level of satisfaction they obtained after using this product.


One con of this product is that it may be difficult to open from the back as one of the customers stated but this doesn’t seem to be a big problem as one only need to move to the side of a car for easy opening


If you are looking at a cargo box for sale, then your first search should be on Amazon using this link I’m very sure that you will find all the features of a rooftop in Sportrack Vista XL Rooftop Cargo Box for it is the best choice for your car.